My 10 Favorite “Bob’s Burgers” Episodes For You to Watch and Rewatch

Content Warning: Spoilers for various episodes of “Bob’s Burgers.”

The Bob’s Burgers Movie” is available to stream on hulu+ and I highly recommend it for anyone who’s a fan of the show or just wants to see what it looks like when animators have an actual budget to play around with. The animation is so smooth and clean that it’s fun to just look at the background images, let alone the delightful musical numbers and more elaborate sets.

Once you’re done watching that movie, you may want to kick back with a few episodes of “Bob’s Burgers” to remind you why the show is so fun. I’ve been rewatching many episodes myself (literally every episode since I moved), so I decided to create a curated list for people who want a little more burger goodness. This list has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that my master’s program has become increasingly difficult, leaving little time for me to explore new media content.

And make these recipes while you watch the show! Consider this your sign to do so!

One: “Sheesh! Cab, Bob?” Season 1, Episode 6

Tina Belcher is turning 13, and all she wants is to smooch Jimmy Pesto Jr. at her first boy-girl party. Bob, being the wonderful dad he is, starts moonlighting as a cab driver to afford to pay for the party. However, the one price he’s unwilling to pay is what Tina needs the most: Shave off his mustache for Jimmy Pesto, so he’ll let his son go to her party.

Two: “Bad Tina” Season 2, Episode 8

In this episode, Tina falls under the influence of Bad Girl, Tammy. The next thing she knows, she’s drinking margarita mix and wearing lip gloss. Will the Belchers be able to help Tina before it’s too late?

Three: “Ear-sy Rider” Season 3, Episode 1

A lot happens in this episode, including our introduction to the bikers, “The One-Eyed Snakes.” They’re pretty wholesome for a meth-dealing biker gang, and more importantly, they come to Louise’s rescue in her time of need.

Four: “Mother Daughter Laser Razor” Season 3, Episode 10

Linda forces Louise to attend a mother-daughter seminar with her, and the results are disastrous. Meanwhile, Tina is insecure about her very un-hip leg hair.

Five: “Slumber Party” Season 4, Episode 9

Linda Belcher thinks Louise needs to experience the epic thrills of an elementary school sleepover, but Louise is very much not on bored. I love this episode because it features an underrated character: bland, boring Jessica. If Jessica were a spice, she’d be flour. If she were a book, she’d be two books. And she needs to star in more episodes!

Six: “The Equestranauts” Season 4, Episode 17

In this episode, Bob goes above and beyond the call of fatherhood and infiltrates a group of adult male fan members of the show “The Equestranauts” to get Tina’s horse doll back. They call themselves the “Equesticles,” which I hope is reason enough to convince you to watch this episode.

Seven: “Best Burger,” Season 5, Episode 5

I really like this episode, which features Bob and Linda entering a cooking competition for “best burger,” only to learn at the beginning of the competition that Gene forgot to include the secret ingredient for their burger in their cooler. While Gene goes on a wild adventure to find this missing secret ingredient, Linda confronts Bob about how he sets himself up for failure. For an episode that features stuff like a “hot fudge car wash,” I thought it also made a salient point about how a lot of us get in our own way of success.

Eight: “Glued, Where’s My Bob?” Season 6, Episode 19

Bad things happen in the bathroom.

Nine: “UFO No You Didn’t” Season 9, Episode 9

Tina is at her absolute best in this episode. She’s her kind, confident, friendly, and aggressively weird self. Does that mean I would want her as a lab partner? Absolutely not, but I have to admit that her bravery when approaching the unknown, whether pre-teen boys or aliens, is inspiring.

Ten: “The Gene Mile” Season 9, Episode 20

Poor Gene has to run a mile instead of getting free ice cream (which, as a fellow chronically-indoors child, I can empathize with his pain). We also learn that Jimmy Jr. runs like a dork.

Special Mention: The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book

Has talking about Bob’s Burgers made you hungry for a burger? It definitely does for me. In that case, I would like to recommend to you the “Bob’s Burgers” Burgers Cookbook. This book has an interesting history: Cole Bowden runs the fan blog ‘The Bob’s Burgers Experiment,” in which he makes the “Burger of the Day” written on the chalkboard at the start of every episode. Bowden had been working on his blog for several months when he received a call from Loren Bouchard, the creator of “Bob’s Burgers.” I love that Bouchard learned about the blog and turned it into a collaborative project! And the recipes in the book look pretty bomb. Sadly, I no longer eat meat, so I can’t have about 99% of these recipes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! This book is available for purchase on Amazon and other retailers and is currently on Kindle Unlimited!


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