Why a hagfish?

The hagfish is a remarkable creature. It looks like an eel, is jawless like a lamprey, and flexible enough to tie itself into a knot like a rope. Most notable to the hagfish is its unique defense mechanism. When threatened, a hagfish can release a cloud of milky, fibrous slime that clogs the gills of its predator. This sticky slime is difficult to remove and allows the hagfish to escape to safety. In essence, the hagfish survives the dangers of the open ocean by being slippery and gross.  

Despite the fish’s revolting habits, I found myself charmed and impressed by this strange sea-dweller. Its unorthodox methods of defense allow it to travel freely and safely. The hagfish is unapologetically and uniquely itself, not to be underestimated. It seemed like a good mascot.

I originally created this blog to showcase my work for a course at Washington State University. Now this blog has mutated into something a little more involved. I try to use this blog to be unapologetically myself. I want to explore issues that fascinate me and are close to my heart. Sometimes I’ll explore serious topics, like the lack of disability accommodation in workplaces, and other times I’ll be sharing my opinions about TV shows that only I like.  

For the duration of the WSU course, I focused on disability representation in public accounting. I come from a family of accountants and currently work at a Bay Area Public Accounting firm as an auditor. In my undergrad, I was a double-major in Biology and Anthropology, and then I went on the receive my Masters in Accounting. Then I realized I didn’t actually like accounting all that much, so I’m in the process of switching careers.

I don’t think of my life in terms of years or relationships, but rather by my hyperfixations. I apologize to anyone who had to know me during my Phantom of the Opera era, or who listened to me rant about the Duggars during my anti-Fundamentalist period. If you follow this blog, you’ll also have the opportunity to become exposed to those fixations. Enjoy!