COM 561: Audition Tutorials

This week I had the wondrous opportunity to experiment with Adobe Audition, in preparation for an audio project I will be working on for the next two weeks. I produced the above tracks:

  1. Raw audio of me having a conversation with another accountant and asking him who his favorite Disney princess is (shockingly, he was unable to think of any princesses other than Princess Leia, but as the point of the interview was to discuss disability and public accounting, his answer was still pretty good)
  2. Edited audio of the Disney Princess question
  3. My voice counting numbers in order as music plays in the background
  4. My voice counting numbers out of order (I didn’t intend to sound so monotone, but hey, it happens)


Please go to the above link if you’re having difficulty with the embedded audio.

I was excited to have the chance to learn to use audio editing software and hope to put the skills I learned here to good use!


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