I’m Not a Happy Hagfish, So This Week Is a Little Different

Hey readers,

This week has been a little difficult due to a combination of personal and work matters. I had a post about “A Court of Mist and Fury” that I was planning to upload, but it didn’t feel right, so I’m going to save that for another time.

For this week, I’m just going to post a few links to some youtube videos that have made me laugh over the years. I hope they make your day a little better.

One of my students sent this to me and asked me to play it in class. To think what I would have missed if I had ignored her!
This show has one joke, and that joke is about dinosaurs in the office. I really like the one joke.
Please include this on my list of “short clips I wish were full-length movies.”
Do I agree with Brennan? Hell no, I need a menu. But I appreciate his commitment to the bit.
I have no clue what’s happening in this video, but I like every moment of it.
This may be the most wholesome skit “Robot Chicken” has ever put together but it still makes me laugh.

If these clips didn’t satisfy you, then I’ve got a bunch of under-performing posts you’re welcome to check out, like this one I wrote about the 1997 film “Cube,” this one I wrote about the Irish Folklore Trilogy, and this other one I wrote about romantic science fiction movies.

Either way, I’ll see you all next week, and hopefully I’ll be a Happier Hagfish.

Edit: One of my friends has requested that I include the classic short film “Not Without My Handbag” for any readers who either weren’t familiar with my spooky movie list or the wonders of Aardman animation.


8 thoughts on “I’m Not a Happy Hagfish, So This Week Is a Little Different

  1. I am so sorry it’s been a week. I hope things improve and you are feeling excellent soon! Some of us lurk, but read every single word and enjoy the heck out of your blog!


  2. ❀ ❀ ❀
    -Teri the Dinosaur is like every supervisor
    -That singing fish should be a DJ
    Always here for you boo! ❀


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