Stickers Are My Life Now

I am ashamed to admit that there was once a time when I did appreciate or even understand the appeal of stickers. Occasionally a friend would send me one in the mail or I would pick one up at a random bookshop, and then I’d shrug and put them into my “for someday” pile. What that someday was, I never knew.

And then, one day, I finally found the perfect place for all of the stickers I had accumulated. I knew I could never put my stickers on something like a water bottle or a laptop, especially since I’m a moron who goes through water bottles like kleenex. The thought of desecrating my laptop with an “I like big books and I cannot lie” sticker seemed like sacrilege, so I needed a different location.

The perfect place for my stickers was under my nose for a long time, and like the ugly girl in a teen movie when she finally removes her glasses, one day it was like I saw it for the first time ever. It was my Unofficial Waffles & Mochi Notebook, gifted to me by a wonderful friend who had to constantly listen to me gush about that show.

If you’re not watching Waffles & Mochi, you need to stop reading this and head over to Netflix.

The moment I placed my first sticker in my notebook, I felt like a baby dragon: new to an unknown world yet ready to conquer it through fire and might. And mostly, I just wanted to collect as many stickers as possible and hoard them until the stars grew cold.

It has been months since I first began this journey, and even now, my hands are itching to get to stickering. Except I am trying to be patient for a simple reason: eventually, my Waffles & Mochi notebook will run out of pages, and then what do I do?

In the meantime, I am still completely obsessed with my new means of collecting art, and so I have begun a gallery on this website to showcase my collection. My gallery will continue to grow over time as I add new treasures to my collection, and so I thought that gallery deserved its own page.

In all seriousness, I am genuinely excited about having a hobby that allows me to collect art and showcase my interests. Some of this art includes fan-made creations from “The Dark Crystal” universe, whereas others are sticker versions of paintings I admire, like the Russian Bride’s Attire. Other stickers are pieces I received from Paperbacks and Frybread Co. or other small independent shops.

If there is a sticker you see in my collection that you particularly like, then please let me know and I’ll try and find the artist! And if you need more convincing to watch “Waffles & Mochi.” then check out the trailer for the second season, which premiers next week.

The show found a new voice actress for Waffles, and I’m not sure I love the change, but I’m still watching this show.

4 thoughts on “Stickers Are My Life Now

  1. I was that girl in elementary school who coveted her stickers and refused to use them as if they were valued collectibles… also I will get you more notebooks when your notebooks are full!!!


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