Grieving At Work

Content Warning: The following blog post and video discuss sensitive topics like illness, death, and grief. Even though these subjects are a fact of life, they can be emotionally upsetting for some viewers. Theme: On August 4th, next week, I’ll be celebrating my mom’s 6th celestial birthday. And I miss her. Almost every person you meet is missing someone, or they will be one day. … Continue reading Grieving At Work

Grief in the Workplace: Video Rough Draft

Warning: This video and the following blog post deal with issues like cancer, disability, loss, and grief. I feel that these issues are a part of life, however, for some people, they may be emotionally distressing. Theme: I want to explore how grief and disability can be closely intertwined. Over the past few weeks, I have had conversations with individuals who still bear the psychological … Continue reading Grief in the Workplace: Video Rough Draft