Disability Employment and Public Accounting: Extended Edition

A few weeks back, I asked several coworkers, friends, and former classmates if anyone would be interested in interviewing for my project. I told them that the official project would be a 3-minute audio story. For those interested, here is the original for comparison: I collected over 4 hours of raw audio. It turns out when you ask to interview people about a niche topic … Continue reading Disability Employment and Public Accounting: Extended Edition

Grieving At Work

Content Warning: The following blog post and video discuss sensitive topics like illness, death, and grief. Even though these subjects are a fact of life, they can be emotionally upsetting for some viewers. Theme: On August 4th, next week, I’ll be celebrating my mom’s 6th celestial birthday. And I miss her. Almost every person you meet is missing someone, or they will be one day. … Continue reading Grieving At Work

Grief in the Workplace: Video Rough Draft

Warning: This video and the following blog post deal with issues like cancer, disability, loss, and grief. I feel that these issues are a part of life, however, for some people, they may be emotionally distressing. Theme: I want to explore how grief and disability can be closely intertwined. Over the past few weeks, I have had conversations with individuals who still bear the psychological … Continue reading Grief in the Workplace: Video Rough Draft

Disability Employment, Public Accounting, and Self-Advocacy

Putting together the final draft of this audio story was both challenging and incredibly exciting. Disability employment has been an interest (and concern) of mine for the past few years. I saw this project as an opportunity to amplify the voices of disabled people in the workforce, and their participation was vital to the success of this story.   It is not easy to represent diverse … Continue reading Disability Employment, Public Accounting, and Self-Advocacy

Disability Employment Part 1: Draft Audio Story

I don’t know if there is a large audience for a podcast about being disabled and working in public accounting, but I went ahead with this project as if there were one.   From the beginning of taking this course, I knew that I wanted to interview accountants with disabilities to learn more about their lives. I wanted to understand why they chose their careers, what … Continue reading Disability Employment Part 1: Draft Audio Story

COM 561: Audition Tutorials

This week I had the wondrous opportunity to experiment with Adobe Audition, in preparation for an audio project I will be working on for the next two weeks. I produced the above tracks: Raw audio of me having a conversation with another accountant and asking him who his favorite Disney princess is (shockingly, he was unable to think of any princesses other than Princess Leia, … Continue reading COM 561: Audition Tutorials

Happy Hagfish’s Final Logo

Friends, this little hagfish has been on a journey. I found illustrator to be a real challenge, so when I initially drafted my logo, my process was to sit down and work until I came up with something that I liked. I was proud of my first draft, but it did need improvement. I’m grateful to my group members for their helpful, constructive criticism. Their … Continue reading Happy Hagfish’s Final Logo

Introducing The Happy Hagfish (aka Logo Rough Draft)

I found the illustrator tutorials to be exceptionally challenging, so when I decided to create my logo, I thought it might be helpful to practice by creating something fun. Inspiration struck in a strange place – I wanted to see if I could make a hagfish in adobe illustrator. Specifically, I wanted to design a happy hagfish: sweet, joyful, and a little goofy.   First, I had to … Continue reading Introducing The Happy Hagfish (aka Logo Rough Draft)

Challenging Perceptions of Public Accounting

Picture this: you’re a freshman at community college, and you have no idea what you want to do with your future. You go to a local career fair to get an idea of your options. Given the unpredictable nature of the economy, you want to start a career in a stable field with opportunities for growth and flexibility. Health insurance is non-negotiable. All you know … Continue reading Challenging Perceptions of Public Accounting

Graphic Design Rough Draft

I enjoyed creating this project because it required me to think of familiar imagery associated with accounting and then challenging that imagery to present a more nuanced view of the field. In my experience, public perception of accounting is radically different from its reality. For one, not every accountant is a math wiz. There’s often very little complicated math involved in accounting. Another misconception is … Continue reading Graphic Design Rough Draft